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about me.

Hello Beauties, 

Welcome! I would love to talk to you and set up an appointment to meet with you! My makeup business is everything to me. And my clients are #1!

Here's a little bit about me. My name is Amanda Nelson and I am located in Wisconsin. I have loved makeup since I can remember. When I was a very young age I would go to my best friends house and we would sit in front of her vanity and play with all the makeup her mom had.We had no idea what any of it was meant for. Just imagine two young girls with dark black liner on, bronzer all over our faces and bright lips. It was a pretty fun time. In high school I was the only one doing makeup on all my friends for dances. I never thought I would be doing makeup as a career. It was always just a dream until 2013 when I went to the Institute of Beauty and Wellness in Milwaukee for there makeup program. It opened my eyes to new hopes and dreams.

I started off at a company that freelanced. I did charity fashion shows and bridal parties. I LOVED it. So I decided to venture off and become my own business. And I am so happy I did because I have met the most amazing people and I have had the privilege of being their makeup artist for the most important day of their lives. I also love doing other event makeup and making everyone look like a queen. There are so many possibilities with being in the beauty industry you just have to make your mark and I am still making mine!

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